Empowering local churches to achieve a healthy and sustainable leadership, discipleship and outreach model.


Who We Are

Church of God Church Health & Revitalization is dedicated to helping existing congregations measure and achieve a healthy and sustainable leadership, discipleship, and outreach model within the context of their local church.

Under the leadership of Dr. Mitch Corder, Church Health & Revitalization will be a strong partner in assisting you in taking the next step in your local church. Great and exciting things can happen as we work together in this effort.

Why We Exist

Nine out of ten churches are either declining or growing so slowly they are not keeping up with the growth of the community. Many churches are just a few years away from dying and closing. Revitalization is an urgent need. We exist to come alongside pastors and local churches to provide much-needed support and help foster new growth.

How To Get Started

Before embarking on this revitalization process, you must first answer the following question.

Will more people be reached for Christ by keeping this church open and leading it through a revitalization process, or by closing it and investing those resources in another ministry that is bearing Kingdom fruit?

Confronting the (sometimes) brutal reality is a vital step in determining which direction to take. We would love to connect with you in assessing where you are and how to proceed. 

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Church health is critical for the growth and well-being. Fortunately, there are several resources available to help churches maintain and grow their health. Some of these resources include books, blogs, conferences, and online courses. Many authors and leaders have published books and blogs focusing on church health, providing practical advice on leadership, discipleship, and outreach. We have created an entire page dedicated to these resources.


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Know Your Church

The Know Your Church report consists of a 160-item questionnaire that measures a church’s perceived health in six purposes of the church: worship, evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, prayer, and ministry. Church leaders choose a sampling of the church membership to complete the 15-20 minute survey, and we provide a detailed health report for the church.

Coach Training Program

Are you a seasoned and compassionate Church Pastor with a heart for empowering others? Join our mission as a Pastoral Coach and help fellow pastors thrive in their ministries. Share your wisdom, provide guidance, and offer support to shape the next generation of spiritual leaders. Make a lasting impact. Apply now!

Church Health and Evangelism is dedicated to helping existing Church of God congregations measure and achieve a healthy and sustainable leadership, discipleship, and outreach model within the context of their local church.


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