The Church of God is committed to planting churches whose vision is to plant other churches characterized by theological clarity, cultural engagement, and missional vision. We serve those who want to pursue training and resources for church planting, church planters that are passionate and strategic about multiplication, and established churches who are interested in expanding their outreach by planting other churches.

We plant churches because we want to be true to the Great Commission and renew the whole body of Christ.  As we identify creative, strong leaders, we will walk them through the A.C.T.S. process.



We have selected a set of core competencies that provide a standard by which we assess all church planters and pastors to determine their preparedness to plant a church.



Competent coaches will be provided from or near the geographical area of your church plant to aid you in your initial launch and provide a source of wisdom and strength.


We will host conferences and events as forums for equipping planters through practical learning and relationship building with other church planters.


We are committed to equipping you to impact your local community in positive ways through service and outreach.

To apply, please begin by registering with the link below.