By: Les Higgins | Exec. Administrator, USA Missions

Seeing The Need

Two years ago, Pastor Jon Ouellette and his wife, Robin, of the Lighthouse Church of God in Orrington, Maine began the process of revitalization with USA Missions.  The church began in 1996 in a rented building with just the pastor and his family.  They were able to purchase a Grange Hall after two years and build the congregation to around 30 people.

Seeing the need for revitalization, Pastor Ouellette and Leonard Albert connected.  The pastor along with the congregation began to give themselves to systems and principles that have brought radical change to the church.  The picture of the church today is dramatically different from where it was two short years ago.

Today, here is what you will see at Lighthouse:

  • The church has grown from a handful of people to a regular attendance of 70.  Last Easter they broke an all-time attendance record with 101.
  • The church has become outward focused.  Pastor Ouellette reports every week 12-15 are on the streets ministering with deeds of kindness and the message of salvation.  Just last week 11 people were saved on the streets of Bangor, Maine.
  • Three times in the past two months, a group from the church have met at a local park and set up grills and food tables and have fed over 200 people.  Some of these people in the park have begun to attend the church on a regular basis.
  • Brother and Sister Ouellette are passionate about equipping their congregation for evangelism and outreach.  Recently they conducted a soul-winning conference called “The JIM Challenge.”  JIM stands for Jesus in Me.  Many have been won to the Lord through this evangelism emphasis.
  • Nearly every week people are being saved and filled with the Holy Ghost.  Membership has grown over 20% in the past few months.
  • This multi-generational church is raising up new leaders of all ages.  It is not unusual to see young people and people in their seventies going out each week to do ministry in the community.

As a result of the new evangelism focus, the congregation has built a state-of-the-art ministry center to train and dispatch people to win the lost.  They have completely remodeled the old Grange Hall and made it a beautiful worship center.  They have been able to do this because of a strong increase in giving each week.

Pastors Jon and Robin Ouellette believed in 1996 God was calling them to Orrington.  Theirs was a labor of love for many years producing limited fruit but they never gave up on the vision.  Today, God is honoring their faithfulness in sowing seed by giving a bountiful harvest.  The Lighthouse Church of God is on a good track.  They believe the best is yet to come!